Fáilte go rang a haon / Welcome to first class.

Our teacher is Ms Keane. We love unicorns, falcons, ninjas and zoo animals. We are an eclectic bunch with many interests and we enjoy chatting about and learning new things.


We love reading in our class library. It’s great to have different books to read. At the moment we are busy writing all our news from our holidays and keeping Ms Keane up to date on all of our adventures. We are working hard on our writing checklist right now, using fullstops and capital letters, fingerspaces and making sure our letters are sitting on the line.

We love chatting to our teacher as gaeilge and we so love our online games, songs and activities which helps us with our vocabulary.


Maths is slightly trickier in first class but we are coping well with our new challenges. We are having a ball finding big numbers on our splat square and we are making our own hundred squares to help with our homework.


This month we have learned about cubism and about Pablo Picasso. We enjoyed choosing lots of unusual colours and bold lines and shapes for our self portraits. We used lots of different materials to colour them in. They look great, we can’t wait for you see them!

We are also learning to take down our homework in our homework journals. It’s a bit tricky but we are getting there.

We are going to have the most amazing year. There will be plenty of projects and activities for us to complete and share with our families. Thank you for supporting us and Ms Keane last year and we look forward to collaborating again this year.