Our Teacher is Ms. Earls


  • We do lots of reading and writing in school.
  • We also love listening to stories and have been enjoying listening to Ms. Earls reading to us.
  • We have been sharing the exciting trips and adventures we went on during our summer break and writing about them so we will never forget them.


  • Is breá linn Gaeilge! Agus is feidir linn a lán Gaeilge a labhairt. Déanaimid Bua Na Cainte 2 gach lá.
  • Dia duit. Dia is Muire duit.
  • Conas atá tú? Tá mé go maith, go raibh maith agat.


  • We do lots of maths work in school.
  • We practice our tables everyday as well as mental maths problems.
  • We use lollipop sticks and cubes to help us with our sums and we love playing with place value loop cards.
  • We also really enjoy solving sums on our interactive whiteboard.


  • We love History, Geography and Science in our class.
  • In History most recently we made a timeline of our birthdays.
  • In Science most recently we have been talking about sound and exploring our sense of hearing.
  • In Geography we have been learning lots about our locality and where we live.

Visual Arts:

  • We are really creative and love drawing and colouring!
  • Every week we have an art lesson. Most recently we drew self-portraits and Ms. Earls hung them up outside our classroom for everybody to see.


  • We love Grow in Love and enjoy watching videos and hearing stories about Jesus.
  • We are very excited to be making our First Holy Communion this year.


  • Everyday at 10 o’clock Ms. Earls plays us some music and we dance while following the moves that are shown on the interactive whiteboard, this is one of our favourite times of the day.
  • We also love finishing off each day by playing a counting game called ‘Elevens’.