Welcome to 4th Class!

Our teacher’s name is Ms. Doyle.


  • We love reading in our class, and every day we have DEAR time (Drop Everything and Read) where we can read our library books for ten minutes.
  • We also love to write stories and use our own imagination when creating our characters.
  • We like to create our own visuals for our stories and show the rest of the classroom.
  • We are focusing on Recount writing at the minute and focusing on answering the questions, who, what, where, when, when and how.


  • We love playing maths games in our class, we play a variety of games like buzz and around the world. We also play games online using the interactive whiteboard.
  • We are brilliant at our multiplication and division tables and practice them every day.
  • We are learning to add and subtract numbers in the thousands.
  • We are also learning to round numbers to help us with adding and subtracting big numbers.


  • Is brea linn Gaeilge! Labhraimid Gaeilge gach lá.


  • We love History, Geography and Science.
  • We love to do science experiments!
  • We are looking at the theme Europe this month and we will be completing our own projects on a European country of our choice and presenting it to the rest of the class.
  • We will be using the internet for research as well as looking up different images of the famous landmarks in Europe.


  • We are excellent artists in 4th class. We love to be creative and love to have fun during art.
  • We recently looked at the different art work by the artist Pablo Picasso. Using his style, we drew our own self portrait and used oil pastels to colour the pictures.

Roots of Empathy:

  • This year we are so lucky to be doing Roots of Empathy with Rosemary.
  • We will get to meet baby Poppy every few weeks when she visits the school with her Mum to observe her development and look at her different emotions and feelings.
  • We will discuss all the different feelings we observe with Rosemary after each visit.
  • We cannot wait to start!