Welcome to our 5th Class


  • This year one of our goals in Fifth Class is to read more and enjoy listening to and telling stories!
  • We do paired reading once a week.
  • We love browsing through the library books and
  • We enjoy DEAR time (drop everything and read) throughout the day.


  • Is maith linn Gaeilge. Labhraimid Gaeilge gach lá ar scoil le chéile, leis an múinteoir.


  • We start off each day with Mental Maths which gets our brains warmed up for the rest of the day!
  • We are busy practising our tables and our favourite part of maths is the games that we play as they help us to understand maths better and they make it more fun.


  • Ms. Ferguson teaches us Geography and History.
  • We love these two subjects and often they link together and we find out loads of information about many different things.
  • We love doing projects too!
  • Ms. McEvoy teaches us Science and we love carrying out new experiments every week.
  • We always predict what might happen and we are always so excited to find out the results.

Music and Art:

  • Ms. Ferguson teaches us Art and we love it!
  • We do all sorts of different art projects, using many different materials.
  • We often link our art projects to topics we are covering in other subjects.
  • We love seeing our work on display and hearing other people comment on it.
  • Ms. McEvoy teaches us Music.
  • We love singing songs and listening to lots of different styles of music.
  • We are taking part in the Peace Proms this year which is very exciting.