We have all settled in well, have made lots of friends and are learning loads of new things. Geraldine the Giraffe has helped us each day!


  • We are learning lots of rhymes and songs, new ones and old ones! Every day we practice our ‘Days of the Week and Months of the year’.
  • Learning about the changes in the seasons is one of our favourites. Our class have even started learning some letter sounds.
  • Check out this video clip to hear the songs and actions for learning the letter sounds. Jolly Phonics songs/ actions (youtube).
  • We love to use rice, shaving foam and sand to help us form our letters and we say the sound.


  • Play is the most important part of Junior Infants. We put a great emphasis on learning through play using the Aistear programme. We played in “The Bakery” and learned about The Gingerbread Man.


  • We are practicing our fine motor skills using lots of different materials such as threading and cutting. We arranging things into sets of color and shape.
  • Counting to 5 using our hands and feet.
  • We enjoy retelling stories in order and using maths materials to help us learn.


  • In Junior Infants, we also learn SPHE, Music, Art, P.E and Geography, History and Science.

We are busy bees so need lots of reassurance and rest after a long day at school!