We are senior infants. Our teacher is Mr. McDermott. We are working really hard this year and are learning so much!


  • We are super writers and took part in Write-a-Book.
  • We love reading and listening to exciting stories.
  • We will also work on our Phonics and we really enjoy our sounds and Phonic songs.
  • We learn strategies to help us understand our reading better e.g. prediction and making connections.


  • We will be doing Ready Steady Maths again this year and will also do lots of counting and Number activities.
  • We love singing along to number songs and rhymes with Teacher


  • This year we are on Bua na Cainte B. We see it on the whiteboard and also work in our books. Is maith linn an Ghaeilge.


  • We love to play in class each morning and we try different activities each day
  • Lego is the one we all want to do but we know we have to take turns and share.


  • This is our favourite activity so far-everyone participates (even Teacher) It helps with our concentration and keeps us fit.


  • We do PE on Thursday and we are doing the Games Strand for September.

We love school.