Enrolment Form for St. Coen’s Primary School Rathnew

Please ensure that you have filled in every section of the Enrolment Form before returning it to the school.

  • All information on this form will be treated with the strictest of confidence.
  • Filling in this application form does not guarantee a place for your child
  • If any of the above information changes please advise the school in writing.
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The Department has consulted with the Data Protection Commissioner in relation to the collection of individual pupil information for the Primary Online Database. Both religion and ethnic and cultural background are considered sensitive personal data categories under Data Protection legislation. Therefore, it is necessary for each pupil’s parent/guardian to identify their child’s religion and ethnic background, and to consent for this information to be transferred to the Department of Education and Skills. All other information held on POD was deemed by the Data Protection Commissioner as non-sensitive personal data.

Optional Information

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Fill in your child’s religion?
Do you consent for this information to be stored, as mentioned above?
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